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Unplugging from EMFs for Adrenal Fatigue Patients (and Everyone Else, Too)

EMFs are an overlooked, silent stressor for many of us. Here are 4 recommended ways to unplug, especially if you're an Adrenal Fatigue patient.


Dr. Andrew Neville


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Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) aren’t anything new. With the rise of Bluetooth and wifi, however, the technology has become an integral part of our fast-paced culture.

While not all EMFs can be evaded, it is helpful to be aware of how they can impact our health and what can be done to omit their adverse effects.

Proliferation of EMFs

We are constantly attached to our cell phones, using video for work meetings and devices to track our 10,000 steps. We have smartwatches to track our sleep patterns and wireless modems to make the internet more accessible. The technological leaps have been impressive, but they also present added challenges to our already overburdened bodies.

Most of my patients can quickly tell me their top source of stress, whether it’s family, finances, career, or mental health issues. But it’s the less apparent stressors that often get overlooked.

Technology is a double-edged sword that acts as a stressor to my patients. Yes, it allows us the ability to stay connected, but it doesn’t allow us enough time to disconnect. The other often overlooked stressor is the impact EMFs have on our health.

Too Much Time with Technology? 

I believe in the strength of simplicity: quality food, plenty of rest, and everything in moderation. Asking patients to say “no” or ask for help to save energy when they can helps with healing. I also endorse spending time in nature.

Simplicity also includes the use of technology. While seemingly innocent, it can be an additional stressor, especially for Adrenal Fatigue patients.

Adrenal Fatigue Patients Can Be Extra-Sensitive to EMFs

My patients have many sensitivities, from food and supplements to emotions, lights, touch, and sounds. For some patients, the sensitivities also extend to the ubiquitous electromagnetic frequencies surrounding us.

Non-native EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies, from smartphones, AirPods, wifi, and Bluetooth can cause or contribute to anxiety, depression, headaches, eye pain, tingling, and tinnitus.

How to Minimize the Effects of EMFs

Sensitivities to EMFs aren’t a symptom I treat directly. EMFs become better tolerated by addressing the entire stress response system and calming the nervous system.

With that said, some things can be done to minimize the effects of this persistent stressor while patients are healing. 

1. Wearable EMF devices

Tourmaline, crystals, pendants, and home EMF protection devices are all options to explore as an added source of protection from these frequencies.

2. Turn off wifi at night

Use an ethernet cable instead of wifi. Unplug your bedroom’s devices, electronics, clocks, and lights before sleeping. Turn off devices or switch to airplane mode. Store devices or phones you keep near you while sleeping in Faraday bags. Use a Faraday cage for smart meters and shield fabrics, films, and paint if possible.

3. Use blue light-blocking glasses

Blue light from TVs, computers, and other devices suppress the sleep-inducing and heal and repair hormone melatonin. This can be a problem for some when exposed to blue light in the evening.

Using blue light-blocking glasses while using screens in the evening is a good sleep hygiene practice. Quality is essential with blue light-blocking glasses. Look for orange lenses, which block the most blue light. I recommend Bon Charge and Swannies.        

4. Try grounding

Grounding is a simple daily practice with significant benefits, including reducing inflammation, mood regulation, and stress reduction. It may also lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients and help with pain reduction and sleep quality. It may even reduce anxiety and depression. 

Grounding is like plugging into the earth, just like we plug appliances into an outlet to charge them. Putting our bare feet on the ground and connecting to the earth plugs us into the beautiful benefits provided by nature.

Simplicity in Adjunctive Healing

Your healing doesn’t have to be complicated. It only needs to be intentional.

For over two decades, I’ve used continuing education and my clinical experience to fine-tune the practices for supporting my patients in healing. My protocol is simple: remove stress where the patient can and lay a calming foundation. After calming, I add healing supports, depending on my patient’s specific needs. 

We begin emptying the stress tolerance bucket by reducing a patient’s stressors. Putting the pieces together for your individualized healing puzzle makes it possible to return to a pain-free life full of vitality.


Dr. Andrew Neville


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Dr. Neville’s assessment tool will provide you with clarity on the severity of your symptoms and how to treat them.

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Hi Dr. Neville!

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