Age 40
Occupation Hairstylist
State/Province Missouri


Unexplained weight gain, Exhaustion, Brain Fog, Anxiety, Digestive issues, Skin Conditions, Environmental sensitivity, Hair loss
I was barely functioning…
I had to take a medical leave from my job because I was so drained. My body was constantly sick with a cold and sinus infection, on top of dealing with several autoimmune diseases. I had no energy to get out of bed some days.
Life seemed hopeless, and I was only in my late 30s.
I wanted to be able to work again and to have the energy to enjoy life. I wanted to be healthy from the inside out…no more constant fighting just to function in life.
I’m a different person now!!
Not only am I back working, but I’m also not constantly sick. Before working with Dr. Neville, my liver enzymes were at the point that other doctors were recommending a biopsy to see what to do next. Now my labs are showing my liver is the healthiest it’s been in years!! I’ve been able to come off some meds and stay off them!! I know I have more healing to do, but having the tools and knowledge is huge. I understand what my body is doing now, and that helps me continue to work on staying healthy!

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