Because it’s the source of so many chronic conditions.

My Story

I set out to uncover my own health mystery when I first enrolled in medical school in 1997. I had been suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, and I was desperate for a solution. I had the good fortune of discovering the pioneering work of Dr. Gerald Poesnecker. He was the first to identify the revolutionary correlation between adrenal disorders and an ever-growing list of chronic health issues. His wisdom helped me heal from my own case of Adrenal Fatigue and pursue my medical career.

I took up residency under Dr. Poesnecker, eager to absorb his hands-on experience treating patients with Adrenal Fatigue. Working side by side with him was invaluable in deepening my understanding of this complex condition and those who suffer from it. And over the past 20 years, I’ve proudly expanded upon and further refined his proven methods.

My Journey

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with thousands of patients. I’ve seen countless manifestations of this often debilitating illness. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my patients regain the fullness of life. I believe every Adrenal Fatigue patient deserves a chance to heal fully and permanently—and that’s exactly what I set out to do every single day. My mission is to help everyone recognize Adrenal Fatigue for what it truly is a medical condition that is real…and treatable.

My Adrenal Healing Protocol

My adrenal healing protocol is both evidence-based and clinically proven. It has been developed based on the findings and practice of the pioneers in the field and has been fine-tuned by the most current research on adrenal and stress physiology.

Healing your Adrenal Fatigue changes your entire physiology, shifting you away from disease and toward the direction of health and well-being. Your body knows how to heal itself, but that part is shut down with Adrenal Fatigue. Let’s turn it back on together. 

The success of my technique is due to its comprehensive holistic nature that targets and treats the true underlying cause of Adrenal Fatigue and its subsequent symptoms and conditions.

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