If you’ve been suffering from the debilitating effects of Adrenal Fatigue for 6 months or more, you know by now that the symptoms aren’t just passing through. They’re stubborn and seem here to stay.

Your symptoms may include all or a combination of the following, and they most likely have been with you for months…or even years. 

— Fatigue or exhaustion
— Depression
— Anxiety
— Miserable menopausal symptoms
— Decreased stress tolerance
— Transient body-wide pain
— Insomnia and frequent waking
— IBS or other digestive illnesses
— Brain fog and poor concentration
— Unexplained weight gain

And if those weren’t enough, the longer the symptoms go unchecked by your doctor, the more likely you’re also struggling with a weakened immune system, digestive issues, reproductive irregularities, thyroid disorders, and other unexplained symptoms. 

You Feel Awful. Why Isn’t Anyone Able to Help You?

By the time my patients reach me, they have seen so many doctors and specialists and had countless labs performed that they’re frustrated, over-medicated, and sometimes even resigned to feeling the way they do for the rest of their lives. But deep-down, they knew there must be true and lasting relief for how they felt, and so, kept searching for answers.

The Many Sources of Stress

The conventional medical industry is not designed to address complex conditions like Adrenal Fatigue, which has no magic pill for healing. Healthcare professionals offer band-aids, by way of chemical prescriptions and treating symptomatically rather than healing the root cause of disease. Addressing the root cause is the only way to heal these symptoms…once and for all.

The Reason You’re Not Getting Better

Adrenal Fatigue. Stress Response System Dysfunction (SRD). HPA Axis Dysfunction (HAD). Burnout. Chronic Illness. Adrenal Syndrome.

There are dozens of names and terms used for what you’re experiencing. The only thing in greater abundance are the doctors, institutions, and websites telling you what you’re going through doesn’t exist.

Every day, I must reassure my patients by reminding them: “It’s not all in your head.”

This real but “invisible” condition can have a catastrophic impact on your quality of life, and having a professional dismiss your symptoms as purely psychological is narrow-minded and condescending. Unfortunately, it is just one of several hurdles when it comes to healing:

— You are asked to take test after test with no definitive diagnosis.
— You are prescribed unnecessary medication with side effects.
— Friends and coworkers question if you’re “really sick.”
— You spend thousands of dollars on treatment that only helps you temporarily.
— Your symptoms worsen as your doctors chase secondary or tertiary dysfunction.
— You are missing out on the life you used to love and feel isolated.

The Key to Regaining Your Health

When our adrenals aren’t functioning as they should, our whole stress response system becomes dysfunctional. In order for complete healing to occur, we have to take a holistic approach and support the body from all angles: hormones, limbic system (brain), and nerves.

Healing Adrenal Fatigue illness needs to take place within the entire stress response system itself, not just the sluggish adrenal glands.

Healing starts with repairing the damage that’s taken place at the brain level, in the limbic system first and foremost; however, it also must include repair of the damage to both the nerve and hormone sides of your stress response.

The Limbic System (the “Brain Side”)

The Limbic System is a non-thinking part of the brain in charge of controlling basic regulatory functions, such as sleep-wake cycles, temperature regulation, and appetite and hunger signals. 

But the most important job of the limbic system is to assess your environment for danger. Once that decision is made, it triggers both the nerve and hormone sides of the stress response, resulting in the adrenal glands pumping out the stress hormones that are meant to save your life.

The HPA Axis (The “Hormone SIde”)

The hormone side of the stress response is referred to as the HPA Axis (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis). This axis ends with the triggering of the adrenals to release cortisol. The adrenals are intricately connected to all the parts of our body that need hormones to function correctly, including the ovaries, testes, and thyroid.

The Autonomic Nervous System (The “Nerve Side”)

The nerve side of the stress response refers to the Autonomic Nervous System (or ANS). These are the nerves that control your organs. They also send signals to your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. 

Each system affects the other. 

These three systems work together intimately. Unless all three are targeted in a healing plan, any improvements you may see will be only temporary.

The more often this system is triggered, the more trigger-happy it becomes, and the system starts over-interpreting its environment as dangerous. This is why so many Adrenal Fatigue patients experience intense anxiety. They get stuck in a constant stress response, which leads to all of the debilitating damage and symptoms associated with Adrenal Fatigue.

The Body-Wide Damage of Chronic Stress

This process leads to a condition some refer to as “Adrenal Fatigue.” If someone has Adrenal Fatigue, these dysfunctions are already occurring: 

The longer chronic stress continues unchecked, the more each of the body’s global operations can be thrown into chaos. Chronic overstimulation of the limbic system—and as a result, the rest of the stress response—has detrimental effects on the body. 

My Trilateral Treatment Program

To heal completely—and for good—we must focus on the function of all three parts of the stress response system, and we must do it at the same time.  

Treatment is different for everyone, because everyone is unique genetically and biochemically and is experiencing slightly different symptoms. 

When we work one-on-one, my exact recommendations are always tailored to you. We must target the stress response system from all angles.

You may sometimes feel alone when you have this condition, but you don’t have to heal alone. My patients work with me from the comfort of home and have the support of my entire care team.  

— Lab tests are shipped to your door
— Your appointments with me are face-to-face through Zoom
— Your treatment plans are individualized
— We fine-tune biweekly with video check-ins
— My health coaching team is available through chat and email
— A Certified Holistic Nutritionist is on staff
— My Adrenable™ app helps you track your goals and progress

Most important of all, once you are under my care, my only goal is to get you better so you can enjoy your life again. Whether it’s within three months or twelve months, my care team and I are beside you every step of your healing journey.

What to Expect While You’re Healing

After living with this condition for so long and trying so many different things, patients can lose hope and feel like healing is impossible—and who could blame them? I assure you, anyone with Adrenal Fatigue can heal, it just takes time.

As we work together week by week, you’ll experience less pain, less inflammation, improved digestion, better sleep, less anxiety, weight stabilization, clearer thinking, and increased motivation. You won’t catch every infection that comes around. You won’t feel downright exhausted every waking moment. But the best part is, you’ll get rid of years of frustration and start to finally feel like yourself again.

I invite you now to speak with someone on my care team. She will answer all your questions and explain a little bit more about my treatment program. Together, you will determine if my approach is a good fit for you and decide upon the next best step to get your life back.

I know you might still be skeptical; you’ve earned it. Please keep in mind: We only qualify people that we believe we can help, and this 30-minute call is free